- Cheapbux will never ask for your password to any account. The only information requested from a customer will be a username or an email adress. Towards purchases we request the information so we may know to who/where to send it to. We may also request this information for security or for contacting reasons.



- Cheapbux is a human powered website and business. All transactions may take up to a maximum of 12 hours to complete depending on time of purchase and quantity. Just a friendly reminder that working humans do need to sleep. Cheapbux runs on Eastern Standard Time.



- Refunds are only permitted if a transaction has not been completed. If your transaction hasn't been completed, feel free to email our support email. Refunds are our priority to avoid confusions or possible loss in revenue. Please keep in mind that Cheapbux keeps proof of all transactions, including time of payment processing, sending of digital goods, to who and to where. We will pull out this evidence in case of false accusations. 




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